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The Polonia Club   231 Chesterton Road  Cambridge CB4 1AS           Tuesday evenings 7.15 to 9.30 p.m.

Dates for this term:  18 Sept weekly until – Half term break (23rd Oct) then weekly again until 11th Dec
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New Website imminent (No really!)

Yes the much vaunted new website is looking good, the existing site is being transferred to a new host tomorrow, and then we shall start the process of replacing it with the new design. I’m hoping it might be in place by Thursday morning.
For the moment though, you can still get onto the old one (this one) with the current songs on it.
Tonight we shall be completing Say a Little Prayer, and re-visiting an old friend – Shallow Brown.

Back to Skool Autumn Term!

Starting on Tuesday 18th Sept, with a half term break on 23rd Oct, we shall continue weekly through November culminating in a grand concert on or around 11th Dec.
Please publicise this to all your friends so we get a good crowd this term.
Looking forward to seeing your holiday snaps!

Roger xx