Next Tuesday 30th

Due to the rare appearance of a dear old colleague of mine – Robyn Hitchcock – performing in town on this night,  I’m going to catch up with him for old times’ sake.

I shall however be delighted to leave you in the capable hands of my lovely daughter Stevie, graduate of the famous folk degree course at Newcastle,  with instructions that a good time shall be had by all.
I shall of course be back in the driving seat the following week.
In other news – I have booked the NCI in Holland Street for our end of term concert on Tuesday 11th Dec.. Tickets – at a mere £5.00 will be available for friends and family to come along and marvel.
I should love to get some video and photos of this event, and so I you know of anyone who can do this for a reasonable fee,
then please contact me.
Have fun!
Roger xx