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Recording instructions

Thank you for having a go at this.
To record your part you will need to play back the “Mix” file below and hear it on headphones so that we all stay in tune and in time with each other.
We need the headphones so that we don’t hear the track on your recording, but get your voice in splendid isolation. Don’t get too self-critical, as there will be lots of other voices on it- do be as accurate as you can, but do enjoy it!

* At the beginning is a count-in to four cowbell hits.
This is for synchronisation purposes, please include this bit at the beginning of your take. Simply listen to the count, then clap as accurately as you can to those hits. I’ll be very grateful for this as it’ll make it much easier for me to line up your take with everyone else’s. Thank you!
* Keep the recording running and you’ll hear two bars count-in to the actual song, and off you go!
Please try to be fairly close to your phone when you sing.

You may perhaps be listening to the track on your computer, and recording on your phone. The video recorder is probably the best sound recorder on your phone as well, so do use that. We don’t need the video, but send it to me anyway, and I’ll peel off the soundtrack.

It may be too large to send by email, in which case you can put it in DropBox  and send me a link if you use that, or use and follow the easy instructions for a free transfer to my email address

Deadline is by end of Tuesday 15th July