#1 –  Have Fun!

You don’t need to read music as we don’t usually use written scores but learn by ear, which does demand some concentration but has proved to be a very good way of approaching singing together.

We usually sing acapella (that’s without accompaniment) in three or four part harmony – you make all the music!
Do be adventurous – it’s wonderfully satisfying when you get something right and hear it sounding so good as we sing together.
#1 – Have Fun! Everything is so much easier if you do.


We need you all to play your part, so sing out – be brave!

There are usually three or four harmony parts so just join in with find a part that is comfortable for you to sing.

If it feels too high, or too low, then do feel free to move to another group and try that part, or even go round and try them all.

What's in a workshop?

What’s in a workshop?

In an all-day workshop, (usually 10.30 – 4.30) We’ll start off by getting waking up our singing instrument (that’s the whole body) and usually kick off with an easy song, often a round, which we can learn quickly and get singing in harmony.
Across the day we’ll aim to learn three or four songs, taking a break for lunch. This usually a “bring and share”, but may be different for particular events.
Bring a bottle of water and you’re good to go.

The songs will vary according to the group, but may include folk songs, world music songs, sea shanties or pop favourites in acapella style.



The parts


the highest bits

Alto and Tenor:

where most of us feel comfortable. These can be men or women. If you have a sexy low voice, then please give the tenor part a go, it will sound best if all parts are well represented. 


How low can you go?
– Again can be men or women, and if you fancy these rhythmic and underpinning lines, then feel free to join in an octave above if you prefer.